Year Weeks Minimum Average Maximum Total
  Lowest value per column (excluding current year)
  Highest value per column (excluding current year)
Week Average Takings Weight Worst Year Best Year
Weight Colouring
0.65 1 2.24
Row Colouring
  Lowest weeks by average takings
  Highest weeks by average takings
Please note: I make no guarantee to the correctness of the data shown. All data is externally sourced and the correctness of it can only be assumed. The data is then manually entered by myself and human error may sometimes occur.

Also during late 2020 my provider for the data changed and there are discrepancies between the old and new sources. I have tried to bridge the gap as best as possible....

Also note that due to a sometimes complete lack of a data source a number of points for 2021 (weeks 20-23, 27-31, 37-52) and most of 2022 (only weeks 17-19 and 26-30 are correct or nearly so) are completely missing. I have guesstimated these data points, and they will be noticeable in that the last 3 (or more) digits will always be zeroes.